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SUR Candle Pack (3)

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Own all 3 SUR Candles in this bundled 3 pack. All come in their collectible boxes and are individually wrapped. The Pack includes:

  • (1) SUR Signature Candle
  • (1) SUR Blanc Candle
  • (1) SUR Rose Candle


SUR Signature Scented Candle / Bougie Parfumee 10 oz / 285 g
Relaxing, calming and spicy. Let it burn and let the blend of lemon myrtle, bergamot orange, geranium and coriander envelop you. Embark on a sensual Mediterranean journey. Arrive at a powerhouse of emotional wellness.

SUR Blanc - Scented Candle / Bougie Parfumee 10 oz / 285 g
Sophisticated interpretation of Bohemian Chic. Sensuous core of patchouli, deep sweet fig with undertones of elegant precious woods. Wrap yourself into the exotic lushness of faraway lands.

SUR Rose - Scented Candle / Bougie Parfumee 10 oz / 285 g
Sweet and playful Innocence. Rich and romantic bouquet of passion and jasmine flowers, softened by a delicate and comforting note of vanilla. Transport yourself into a luxurious pink velvet boudoir.